Think Big: The Top Benefits of Fat Tire Bikes

With so many different types of bike on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right model for you. One interesting option that may have passed you by are fat tire bikes.

These ingenious bikes allow you to go further than any other bike on the market, and can completely transform the way that you use a bike.

If you're interested in off-roading and are looking for a new bike, here are four key advantages that fat tire bikes hold over the rest of the pack.

1) Go where a normal bike won't take you

The large fat tires you see on fat tire bikes aren't just for show. These wheels will allow you to go further than any mountain bike can take you. It'll also do it in the worst possible weather conditions imaginable.

Because of their robust construction and wide tread depth, the fat tires on these bikes are able to easily overcome asphalt, rocks, and stones. In other words, anything in between you and your destination.

If you're on a trail with a traditional mountain bike, inclement weather can really affect your progress. Strong winds can be perilous when you're already contending with uneven ground.

This isn't a problem with fat tire bikes. Because of the greater weight of each tire, you will be more protected from buffeting by the wind.

The protection from the weather doesn't stop there. As the winter comes round, you'll continue riding through the snow and ice where other smaller bikes dare not go.

You can even use them on the beach!

With a vastly increased surface area on the ground, your tires will provide you will the grip you need to go off-road during winter. For the same reasons, you'll be able to safely ride through even the most torrential rain.

With your fat tire mountain bike and a bit of advice, you'll enjoy riding like never before.


2) Massive Fitness Benefit

Fat tire bikes sometimes feel like less of a workout compared with a regular mountain bike. You shouldn't be fooled though.

Because the rims of the bike are such a large diameter, you'll have to put in plenty of effort during your ride. Your legs and associated muscles will benefit massively as a result.

Much more than a regular mountain bike, fat tire bikes also work the core muscles when you are in the saddle. This all comes down to balance.

As you ride off-road, you'll be coming into and out of the saddle, depending on the terrain. You actually put a lot of energy through your core muscles.

The more that you improve with off-road biking, the stronger your core muscles will become. This means that as well as taking on a fun new hobby, fat tire biking will help you to dramatically increase your fitness.

Many people will, of course, be concerned that this fitness comes at a cost. Traditionally, off-roading like this would cause wear and tear in your body.

The good news is that fat bikes are none weight-bearing. This means that you don't have to worry about biking excursions taking a toll on your body.

All of these reasons mean that there is no better time to plan a proper off-road trip on a fat bike.

3) Fat Tire Bikes: Ride in Comfort

The best thing about a fat bike is that, although you'll burn the calories as we explained above, you'll do so in supreme comfort. The large tread depth on the tires means that you're cushioned from the worst of the impacts.

You see, the big imposing tires on your fat tire bike aren't just for show. The increased air capacity in both wheels helps with uneven terrain.

Although a traditional mountain bike will be able to go over rocks, grit, and gravel, it certainly won't be an enjoyable experience for the rider. The larger, thicker tires on a fat tire bike mean that you won't have these issues.

Riding across challenging terrain is all about confidence. You won't be able to ride at 100% speed if you're worried about taking a nasty fall.

This is why so many now enjoy fat tire bikes. Because they feeling a greater degree of safety, you are able to push closer to the limit of their performance.

Steep downhill descents, rapid acceleration over ice and other tricks should all be possible with a fat tire bike.

With the discomfort of off-road riding out of the way, riders are able to focus on the destination. This is why even non-fat tire bikes are now adopting widertires.

4) They're Fun to Use!

As we've stated above, there are loads of great fitness benefits and other reasons to use fat tire bikes. Last but not least though, is the fact that they are a load of fun to use!

Quirky and interesting, you'll begin to make excuses to take your fat tire mountain bike out for a ride as often as possible.

At the end of the day, the best form of exercise is the one that is easy to do. Because using fat tire bikes puts a smile on your face, you'll always want to get back in the saddle.

This means that you'll be having fun and getting fit all in one go. That's a great combination by any account!

Some may call it a gimmick, but if it gets you around and keeps you fit, then what's not to love about it?

Take a Ride

At the end of the day, choosing a bike comes down to personal preference. Some bikes will speak more to one person that a different bike will.

If you want a bike for rolling through the traffic and going to the coffee shops, perhaps fat tire bikes aren't right for your lifestyle. However, if you like to go off the beaten path, they may just be perfect.

They will allow you to travel huge distances on the very worst terrain you can face. You'll be able to take a ride at any time of the year, even as the snows begin to fall in winter.

You'll also become seriously fit as you ride, which is a huge benefit. If you're interested in getting yourself a fat tire bike, please follow the link.