Pedals (left +right)



Foldable pedals with lights reflector.

They will fit all Green Bike models.

'L' is for the left pedal and 'R' for the right one (this is very important, if you don't do it right you will damage the threads).


Use open key #15 or 5/8

To release the left pedal you need to turn clockwise (you do the opposite to tight).

To release the right pedal you need to turn counter clockwise (you do the opposite to tight).


Hear from Real Green Bike Owners

"This e-bike is a perfect solution for allowing us to bike the hills of SF. "
- Eric Hwang.
"Had it about 2 years now. It's crazy fun, highly recommend it."
- Charlie Short.
"They are incredible in their quality of construction and components."
- Charles Wardle

With 2 folding points, one on the handlebar stem and one in the middle of the frame, you can turn your high powered electric bike into a very convenient mode of transportation.

Rechargeable Battery


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